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And we mean right here.

Help Is Here Bristol (a program of the Bristol Health Equity Zone) can connect you to a variety of local services to help you overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. Are you battling issues like substance abuse, mental health concerns, depression, or something else?

We can help.

For direct assistance, you can contact the organizations listed below. They are all committed to helping you overcome the challenges you face.

  • Emergency services for people in crisis

  • General counseling/therapy/treatment resources

  • Substance use disorder and recovery resources

  • Children and youth mental health and behavioral resources

  • Support for service providers, care givers, and families

  • Wrap-around social services


Explore Bristol and the East Bay and connect with residents, virtually or safely in person by clicking on the link below.

This list will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back regularly.

If you have a resource you would like to add please fill out the form below

Help Is Here Bristol represents our community’s collective effort to offer assistance to those who find themselves in a wide range of complex and sensitive circumstances. We believe that joining together is the most powerful — and most positive — way to locally address life’s difficult challenges.


Help Is Here Bristol is a program of the Bristol Health Equity Zone. If you do not find referrals for services below, please contact the Bristol Health Equity Zone at:


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